Feb 17, 2014

Citrasolv Altered Collage Pages

I'd much rather craft than cook. I think its a lot more fun to repurpose kitchen appliances and products for creative pursuits. I have a duplicate collection household appliances just for crafting: a pasta machine and toaster oven for polymer clay, a crock pot for melting beeswax, a heated buffet tray for Polaroid transfers, an iron for bonding mixed media and and a blender for making paper. 

Then there are the multi purpose kitchen wraps: I use freezer paper for mixed media and wax paper to press my collages in books to flatten them while not sticking to the pages. I use plastic wrap for creating texture in paint. I've used bleach for making patterns on fabric. When I heard of using the product Citrasolv for creating altered mixed media pages I was excited to try it. The Citrasolv company actually has a excellent tutorial for using their products on their website

Here are a few examples of altered National Geographic pages I created using this technique. I love the mysterious marbleized quality. I almost don't want to cut them up, but that's exactly what I'm going to do right now. I'll be posting my results here tomorrow. 

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