Feb 5, 2014

Snow Every Day!

Above is a tiny sampling of my immense snow globe collection. Frankly I've lost count. I display them from the first through the last snow. I set them up on snowy looking cotton and surround them with white lights to create an indoor winter wonderland. Its always warm & cozy in my winter wonderland.

Last year I decided to restore the entire collection to their snowy glory days. I read online that a touch of glycerine snows down the flakes just enough and was able to find that at my pharmacy. I filled each and every one and they looked magnificent!

I'm definitely an armchair traveller. Most of this collection was acquired at thrift shop and yard sales. Last year my ex texted from California and said he was in a thrift shop selling them for $1 each -- did I want any? Of course my answer was "All of them please!" In the case of snow globes, more is definitely better. This year for Xmas my son brought me two beautiful new ones from his travels. Those are obviously the most special because they were actually bought for me by someone I love.

Many years ago I went to Paris. I headed right to the Montmartre area in search of tacky souvenirs. I got my snow globes, my eiffel tower key ring and my eiffel tower earrings. It was so cool! Our French friends were quite shocked that an American in Paris would value tacky trinkets more than actual culture. I was the typical "stupid American tourist" but I was smiling with pride and accomplishment. I had souvenirs from a really wonderful place, and I had actually gone through all the trouble to get them myself. Once I possessed the souvenirs I was open to going to the Louvre, sitting in a cafe, and all those other wonderful Paris adventures (while blatently wearing my eiffel tower earrings).

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