Mar 13, 2012

Old School Polaroid Transfers

Sometimes we only realize that an experience was really magical when we look back on it.  The afternoon I took this photo I was completely aware that it was a real gift be able to share this kind of creative adventure. When he was feeding the bird I saw something that perfectly represented what I was feeling. After the image was completed it took on an additional meaning, more of a spiritual representation of past and present, ghosts and memories.
This image was created using the Polaroid transfer process, which always has a large element of chance involved no matter how well you know it. I love surprises and the unpredictable interaction with the medium along with the truly old school process.
I’m a Polaroid geek. Film has gotten more rare & pricy but now we can all be digital Polaroid geeks with iPhone apps like Shakeitphoto. I use this mac app called Instant Its really useful for blurring a pixelated iPhone pic just enough and making it cool. 
I've actually done a photo series I’ve done using a broken digital camera. Once again I’m drawn to an unpredictable process and a reflection on memory and nostalgia.