Feb 28, 2014

Glu6 and I Rush to Save the Planet

Who's looking at you kid?

We all know that the polar ice caps are melting. Here is a photo I took this week of a seal in the bay near my house. There are now over 100 seals living in my town on Long Island. What more motivation does a person need to go on a planet saving crusade? Seals are just the cutest!

I was asked to review a new eco friendly glue for Craft Test Dummies. As a crafter I actually need a wardrobe of glues more than I need a wardrobe of shoes. Sigh ... For more on the technical specifications of this glue take a look at my Craft Test Dummies Blog. 

Glu6 is made primarily from recycled styrofoam. Its the only recycled glue in stores today and comes in a variety of different formulas. You can find out more on their website.
Inspired by this eco conscious glue, I created a completely “green” crafting project.

  • Thrifted small picture frames
  • Fancy buttons and orphaned costume jewelry as embellishments
  • Wire cutters to trim off back of buttons, pins and earrings
  • Glue6 Craft Paste (I chose the Glu6 Craft Paste because the texture grips the objects well and actually provided a base for curved or uneven surfaces.)
  • TIME: This wonderful glue is very slow drying. Allow 48 hours for this project to dry. 

  • Remove the glass and backing from the frames. 
  • Gather up your embellishments. I find its easier to design if choose a theme. In this case I chose gold and bronze. 
  • Trim the backs of the embellishments with wire cutters to make them flat and easy to glue. 

  • Arrange the embellishments on the frames
  • Use a chopstick to apply Glue6 Craft Paste to the backs of the embellishments.

The glue kept the elements in place very well with no slipping and sliding. It smelled like citrus, and I didn’t have to worry about working inside with toxic glue.

Here is my completed photo frame. I'm going to use it for a
black and white family photo from the 50s.

I made another one to feature a family photo from the 1930s.
It has more of an Art Deco look.  This one uses only fancy buttons. 

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