Feb 5, 2014

Faux Encaustic Technique Using Tissue Paper & Gel Medium

I wish I had taken a series of photos as I was building this collage (note to self: do that next time!) but I can tell you how I did it.

Layer 1: I printed a picture of the plant (left) on a piece of ledger paper. This already gave the piece the illusion of 2 layers. On the right third I pasted down a piece of gold paper with lettering already on it. I have found that a metallic layer really helps give an illusion of depth. 

Layer 2: I scanned and copied an old letter on to tracing paper and pasted it down using using Matte Gel Medium. I flattened it with a brayer. 

Layer 3: I added some bright pink acrylic paint.

Layer 4: I added a piece of polka dot silk fabric with more gel medium.

Layer 5: I added pieces a vintage French verb circular chart, also printed on tracing paper and pasted it down with Matte Gel Medium.

Those are the simple steps I used to create this faux encaustic technique. I rolled the whole piece with a brayer to flatten then placed in a heavy book between two pieces of wax paper to made sure I didn't get "the wrinkles".

"The wrinkles" are a problem if you don't have some way of pressing your damp finished collage. Luckily if you make a collage small enough you can press it in a book between two layers of wax paper and you will have a nice flat finished piece. 

I was so inspired by this project that I would like to try a layered collage using a traditional encaustic technique. 

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