Mar 23, 2014

Pearl Ex Pigment Pendants

I usually work work with recycled/repurposed materials but as a guest blogger for Craft Test Dummies I get boxes of amazing new free products to review. How cool is that? This week I reviewed Pearl Ex Pigment Powders for the Craft Test Dummies blog

I've worked with Pearl Ex Pigments before and what's not to love? They are so shimmery and versatile, kind of like eye shadow for your studio. They will make just about everything look a bit more glam, whether you are working in mixed media, fine art or crafting. Because the new colors are just so pretty I decided to focus on making a series of spring inspired pendants. 

Here's a little info about how I made each one:

For the green pendant I blended with Citrine Pearl Ex with transparent Sculpy, rolled through the pasta machine to 1/8" thick then used a polymer clay stencil sheet brushed with Emerald Pearl Ex to bring out the detail. I used a circle cutter the same size as the flower, baked the clay then glued it in the pendant. I added a layer of Diamond Glaze to even out the surface and really bring out the glow. 

Craft Test Dummies also sent me a sample of white Epoxy Clay. It had dried out a little so once I got it opened I knew I had to keep it really simple. I blended the two parts together, pressed it into my pendant blank and rubbed with the dark brown Pearl Ex. Luckily I had a bunch of little metal bits and pieces near by so I pressed them into the Epoxy Clay. I'm really looking forward to more experiments using the Epoxy Clay. Next time I'll be more careful about fingerprints! 

I used a wooden blank as the base for this necklace. I covered it with a piece of scrapbook paper and painted the edges with a Krylon Gold Leafing pen. I saw on the Pearl Ex website that the pigments could be used to create custom embossing powders. I used approximately 1 part Pearl Ex to 2 parts embossing powder to create a brown for the rabbit and a blue for the bird stamp and added a little text. To add just a little more shimmer I mixed just a touch of Citrine Pearl Ex in Diamond Glaze and gave the pendant a top coat. 

Thank you Craft Test Dummies for sending me all these really cool products to test! My next studio experiment is photo transfer medium from Modge Podge and I'm really looking forward to it.