Sep 16, 2014

The Alphabet Series

Last year I gave an educational Halloween performance for little kids at the nature preserve. I dressed up as a spider (called myself Spinderella) and did my routine for 26 different groups over the course of one day. I had anticipated about 6 groups. Yikes! By the time I got to the letter "G" I was doing a pretty good job as a friendly ambassador for the often misunderstood arachnids. 

Often (in art and in life) I don't know when to stop and can get carried away. Layers in a mixed media piece can sometimes start slipping and sliding all the way into the trash. A visit to the beach without a bathing suit or a towel can turn into a similarly impulsive and sloshy experience. A dose of structure can be good, so can planning. In this spirit I decided to I decided to challenge myself to make a series of collages with a lot of white space: 26 of them. This is "B".