Jan 24, 2013

Imaginary Friends

In my determined quest to overcome my creative block I impulsively signed up for an online class called Visual Journaling based on this simple sentence: "Have you ever wanted to create a story using your own images or ideas but were too afraid to begin or didn’t know where to start??" This was a bit risky because I find it extremely difficult (often impossible) to follow instructions whether its Ikea furniture or something more academic.
But surprise! It's working. I'm suspecting that I was just boring myself and needed a companion on this creative journey. But I'm not talking about the other cool people in the class or the terrific teacher. We were assigned to create a character based on a collage journal. Mine is an alien who happens to be an shape shifter and time traveller. It's like having an imaginary friend who shares many of the same interests but isn't limited by the constraints of reality. I think we're going to have a very interesting day.

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