Jan 4, 2013

Craft Hoarder Goes Digital

It’s easy for me to get inspired by random objects like other people’s family photos, broken toys and old sweaters (to name just a few of perhaps thousands of things in my cluttered storage area).  But sometimes having a room full of recycled materials can feel like a burden. Its nearly impossible to find what I’m looking for, I make one hell of a mess and have to clean it all up. It’s been difficult to summon up the courage to start a new project lately. But then I got an iPad mini for Xmas and found a way to temporarily avoid the whole mess.

I downloaded an app called Paper. I rarely draw or paint but I thought why not? Paper gives me an opportunity to work quickly with very little commitment and minimal effort. Its fun!  

My friend John uses Procreate and does some amazing sketches  I can see that Procreate offers great features like undo and layers, as well as many more options. But right now the minimalist approach is exactly what I’m looking for. When I see photos of beautiful, simple, organized interiors in magazines I think “Looks cool, but I could never live like that”. With the Paper app I can see what it might be like to live a more minimal and organized life. My brushes never dry out and I always know where to find the colors and tools.  Amazing! And my hoarder craft mess will still be there waiting for me when I'm looking for a more challenging option. 

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