Feb 18, 2013

Recycled Diet Coke Bracelet

I have a shameful addiction. No, I don't eat laundry detergent or cat hair. I drink Diet Coke. Yes, I know its disgusting. Yes, I know its bad for me. But a fresh bottle of Diet Coke is like an instantly available Zen moment. Just looking at the bottle makes me feel instantly more relaxed. I simply can't stop!!! As an homage to my shameful addiction I've started making recycled bracelets from the bottles. First I used a utility knife to cut out the shape of the bracelet. Then I decoupage magazine pages on the outside and tissue paper on the inside using Modge Podge. This one was inspired by the fact that I have friends in tropical places (and I'm so not in a tropical place). I used a National Geographic and cut out pictures photos of rainforest foliage and undersea life. I've also done this project with kids. Middle school girls totally heart Modge Podge and accessories so its lots of fun. 

Above, the object of my affection. While I was getting my camera I had the Coke in my hand so I opened it & absentmindedly drank some before I even took the photo. That's why its not full & bubbly. The part I used for the bracelets is just below the label. 

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