Nov 8, 2013

Recycled Pizza Box Surfboards

I am the lucky recipient of all kinds of “gifted” recycled materials. Don't want to schlep that stuff to the recycling center? Just give it to Patti! She'll figure out something to do with it.I come home to all kinds of surprises on my front porch. One day I received a large delivery of empty pizza boxes fresh from a party. (Yes, there were still scraps of pizza inside.) I decided that because the boxes were taking up a lot of space (and because the pizza scraps were going to get gross really fast) that I’d better come up with a project quickly. 

I cut the box tops (the cleaner part) into quick simple surfboard shapes. Actually they are shaped more like skimboards, but those are equally popular around here and extremely cool. The class used acrylic paint from tubes on the brown side because the logo on the other side was difficult to cover with the paint. I encouraged painting freehand but some of the girls also really enjoyed using the hibiscus stencils.  

Those cat food bags are still lingering in my basement looking for the right idea to come along. I did manage use create a pretty amazing dress with my students using dog food bags. The top is actually the bag turned inside out. We Bits dog food bags are very fun to recycle because they are primarily pink, holographic and feature a picture of an adorable Westie.  So you never know, there may be something fun happening down the road involving those cat food bags!

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