Nov 6, 2013

Color Collage Class Inspired by The Collage Workbook

One of my favorite all time arts and craft books is The CollageWorkbook by Randel Plowman. He is known for his Collage a Day project. Here is a link to his blog where he is offering an online class. Based on his book and the student's work featured online I'm sure it will be terrific!
I sometimes use the single color collage exercise from his book with groups of children ages 8 to 13. I love teaching collage to children because they just take off and do the most amazing things while I walk around the room and hold myself back from gushing too much about how they are creative geniuses!  I think children and collage are a perfect combination. They get so absorbed in expressing themselves that they lose any kind of judgment and really connect with their creativity. I feel that working with collage has this affect on adults too -- it certainly does for me!
Here are some examples from my children's class. They went through magazines to cut out and sort images by color into shoebox lids. I also asked the class to hand color some paper to add texture using oil pastels, paint or crayons and put those in the sorting boxes too. 

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  1. Oh, great collages! Love that they're all different colours and very monochromatic!