Mar 28, 2012

Greetings from Riverhead!

I'm an artist and collector of vintage postcards, so I decided to photograph my home town and create my own hand colored vintage postcards. I had such a wonderful adventurous day doing this project!

Dear Andrea
This place is just magical in a creepy crime scene kind of way. The little dock is seriously dangerous and so is the one remaining swing. Behind the pool you can see the top of a grand pagoda. I went to check it out and its like one of the seven wonders of Riverhead. The ceiling is made of up of spectacular Chinese paintings. This ambitious and surreal project was never completed. That part I can understand, but why was it started. You'd love this place!

Dear Darlene & Brent,
I was really excited to see a family enjoying the river. They said they were new to fishing and were just out for the fun of it. Hope they don't catch anything because Brookhaven Labs dumped heavy metals (including mercury) organics (including PCBs) and radionuclides in to the river years ago. Like they didn’t know how dangerous that was, they’re a research lab! I checked online to see what the safety recommendations were for consuming fish caught in the Peconic River and came up with conflicting reports. Brookhaven labs said it was “fine”. Well, the river was so beautiful in spite of the radionuclides that we plan to rent a canoe some time in the next few weeks. I think that should be pretty save as long as we don't fall in. Want to come with us?
Patti & David

Dear Robinson,
You may think this is a stock photo, but I assure you that there are wild animals are living along the river and that I took it myself. I think this dock is a great place for baby raccoons to live because they get a freshly prepared gourmet dinner when the fisherman return. I hear they’re pretty good swimmers, too. Unfortunately I didn’t encounter any more wildlife that day but I know there are deer, turtles, bats, great blue heron and salamanders that make this river their home. 

Dear Sandra,
My cousin said that she was willing to sponsor us to the of Moose, and we may take her up on it because she said if you’re a Moose for like 10 years you could retire to Moose Village and not have to be homeless. So I looked it up and found that Moose members included Harry S. Truman, Danny Thomas, Jimmy Stewart, Arnold Palmer and Ernest Borgnine. Some of my other cousins live down the street from the Lodge, and we have an annual Easter kite flying contest on the Moose field. It’s pretty competitive, with people using fishing poles & line so they can get their kite the highest. Yes, and we have cool trophies too, like a horse’s ass for the loser, but we only give that one to an adult. One year a cousin invited an Indian family she knew from work. The problem was that they used glass covered kite string made famous in the book “The Kite Runner”. It was kind of a culture clash. Maybe you want to be a Moose too & we can live in the Moose village together when we get old?
Your best friend,