Jan 15, 2014

Year of the Collage!

Several years ago I signed up to get emails about Randal Plowman's Collage a Day Project. He made a collage every day, posted them online and sold them very inexpensively (starting at $25). I was impressed and thought "I could try that, but ... ".  I didn't try it.

Last year I really enjoyed following iHanna's 365 collages project on her blog. Her work has an amazing sense of color and joy! Again I thought "Yeah, I could try that but ...".

Well I bought Randal Plowman's excellent book (The Collage Workbook) and tried the 5 minute collage exercise. I loved it!

So this year I'm declaring the Year of the Collage! I starting out with 3x5 images, 5 minute collages. I want to make it really easy so the project isn't too time consuming or overwhelming.  I don't watch football, but I'm seeing an image of a newborn piece of collage and I'm carrying it down the field to the goal. While running I'm dodging and jumping the opposing team: my brain, technique, art school training and fear that I will suck. I can do this, I can do this! I just have to keep moving really, really fast. Its pretty amazing how much you can do in 5 minutes. 


  1. Good luck with your endeavor, Patti, I like the football analogy, we all have those fears, doubts and prejudices to push through to reach our goal - happy Collaging !

  2. Thats a good idea. I have a similar project this year and wrote about in my blog.Enjoy creating collages! See you in the workshop on FB.

  3. Patti, you will do fantastic. If not in your own eyes, the eyes of an admirer. There is an art piece for everyone "out there". The best part about making art....................art makes "us".