Mar 21, 2013

Crafty Swapping

I'm tired of going to my mailbox and finding only junk mail and bills. No one sends letters or cards anymore. I've decided to help make mailboxes fun again by joining the world of online crafty swaps. What are crafty swaps? In this case the theme was "black and white" and the project had to be specific tag size.

I'm going to mail two of these tags to strangers and then two other strangers will mail me tags they have made. My inspiration was TV shows from the 50s and 60s, so I made a tiny TV featuring the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Its made from recycled cardboard, buttons, a photo and a fabric scrap.


  1. I just signed up for the iHanna postcard swap.
    I highly recommend it! I think the deadline for signing up is soon. You can also see the swaps for previous years in Flickr if you search "iHannah postcard swap".