Oct 12, 2012

Someone Else's Souvenirs

A friend recently commented, "You act like you've never traveled!" in a more than slightly snarky way, like "You can't possibly be as stupid as all THAT!" I managed to convince her that yes, I really was white trash. It wasn't too hard.

But I can see why she was a bit confused. My home is filled with vintage kitschy souvenirs that I've picked up for next to nothing at local yard sales. I serve drinks in glasses representing almost all of the 50 states (most of which I've never been to). In summer my back yard looks like a tiki lounge. I have an astonishing collection of old postcards, all from places I've never been. 

I live in a summer resort, so the idea of a "tourist" is, well, unappetizing. Me? A tourist? Ha! Hell no! Spending time on a cruise ship sounds like purgatory to me. I know there are many alternative modes of travel but spending money is often involved, and that's been somewhat of a barrier. 

But my friend really got me thinking about applying myself to going somewhere, just about anywhere, on a shoestring budget. Then a free travel offer arrived in my inbox today: A one-day round trip bus trip to a battleground state to knock on doors for the Obama campaign. Hmmmmm ... how desperate am I to get out of town? In the meantime I'll make some collages inspired by someone else's souvenirs. Here's one for Venice, where (of course) I've never been. 

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