May 4, 2012

Keith Haring

I took this photo on July 13, 1982 at the Astor Place subway stop on my way to work. Last week I saw a similar piece in the Haring Show at the Brooklyn Museum. I used a Polaroid SX-70, the same kind of camera Keith used to take the self portraits at the beginning of this show. Seriously, two of my all time favorite things: street art and Polaroid SX-70 cameras. 

In 2012 you can see Keith's work in a museum. You can also buy a vintage SX-70 camera on Amazon and get film from the Impossible Project. But nothing can quite compare with the magic of finding this work in ordinary places back in the day. 

This week I got a little dose of the kind of magic I'm most fond of. Some wonderful people Occupied NYC with art on May Day and I found myself smiling like it was 1982. 

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